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The DataPrepper resource is created by opnictl when a downstream cluster is bootstrapped for multicluster logging. It deploys an Opensearch Data Prepper instance configured to ship to Opni


kind: DataPrepper
  name: opni-shipper
  namespace: opni-system
  username: username
    key: password
    name: opni-opensearch-auth
    endpoint: https://opensearch.url
    insecureDisableSSLVerify: false
  cluster: cluster-uid
  version: latest

Custom Resource Specs


Field Required Type Description
image No string Explicit override for the image to use for the service
imagePullPolicy No string Image pull policy. One of Always, Never, IfNotPresent. Defaults to IfNotPresent
imagePullSecrets No LocalObjectReference array List of secrets in the same namespace to use for pulling the image
version No string The Data Prepper image version to use. Defaults to latest
defaultRepo No string The default repo to use for Data Prepper images. Defaults to
opensearchSpec Yes OpensearchSpec Details for the Opensearch endpoint to ship logs to
username Yes string User with index permissions to the Opensearch Endpoint
passwordFrom Yes SecretKeySelector Reference to the secret key containing the password for the Opensearch user.
cluster Yes string Cluster ID for shipping logs to Opni. Canonically this is the UID of the kube-system namespace


Field Required Type Description
endpoint Yes string Opensearch endpoint to ship logs to
insecureDisableSSLVerify No bool Disable strict TLS checking for the endpoint