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GPU Policy Adapter


The GPU Adapter is currently experimental and is behind a feature gate. To turn this on you need to run the Opni Manager with the following argument --feature-gates=GPUOperator=true

The Opni Manager can assist with configuring NVIDIA GPU drivers and runtimes. To do this it uses an embedded NVIDIA GPU Operator with a wrapper. The GPU operator requires Node Feature Discovery running as a prerequisite. If this is not already deployed it can be run with the following command:

kubectl apply -f

It currently supports the following Kubernetes distributions:

  • rke
  • k3s (v1.22.2+k3s1 or later)
  • auto (auto detection)

And the following container runtimes:

  • docker
  • containerd
  • crio
  • auto (auto detection)


kind: GpuPolicyAdapter
  name: example-adapter
spec: {}

Custom Resource Specs


Field Required Type Description
containerRuntime No string The container runtime the host is using. Must be one of docker, containerd, crio, or auto. Defaults to auto
kubernetesProvider No string The kubernetes distribution. Must be one of k3s, rke2, rke, auto, or none. Defaults to auto
images No ImagesSpec Overrides for the images used by the operator (primarily for airgapped scenarios)
vgpu No VGPUSpec Additional config required if using vGPUs
template No nvidia ClusterPolicySpec Overrides for the ClusterPolicy created by the GpuPolicyAdapter. Details about the fields can be found in the NVIDIA documentation or by reviewing the NVIDIA code


Field Required Type Description
driver No string Driver image
driverManager No string Driver Manager image
dcgm No string DCGM image
dcgmExporter No string DCGM Exporter image
devicePlugin No string Device Plugin image
gfd No string GFD image
initContainer No string InitContainer image for deployed workloads
toolkit No string Toolkit image
validator No string Validator image
migManager No string MIG Manager image


Details about the images can be found in the NVIDIA airgap documentation


Field Required Type Description
licenseConfigMap Yes string Name of the config map that contains the vGPU license file
licenseServerKind Yes string The type of vGPU license. Must be one of nls, or legacy