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The LogAdapter custom resource simplifies the configuration of log shipping for a range of Kubernetes distributions. It builds on the Banzai Cloud logging operator to do this.

It currently supports the following distributions

  • rke
  • rke2
  • k3s
  • aks
  • eks
  • gke


kind: LogAdapter
  name: example-adapter
  provider: rke
    name: example-cluster
    namespace: opni

Custom Resource Specs


Field Required Type Description
provider Yes string One of the supported distributions
opniCluster No OpniClusterNameSpec A reference to an installed OpniCluster. If this is not present Opni will assume logs are being shipped to a central Opni system
containerLogDir No string Path to the container logs on the host. Defaults to /var/lib/docker/containers
seLinuxEnabled No bool Enable SELinux support. Defaults to false
rootFluentConfig No FluentConfigSpec Fluentd and Fluentbit config for the base conatiner log shipping. If this is absent it it creates default Banzaicloud configs, with a liveness probe for fluentd, and uses the Rancher logging images
fluentConfig No FluentConfigSpec Fluent config for additional Logging object for K3S and cloud providers. Defaults as per rootFluentConfig, along with additional sane default file locations for the specific distribution
aks No AKSSpec AKS config; should be empty
eks No EKSSpec EKS config; should be empty
gke No GKESpec GKE config; should be empty
rke No RKESpec RKE specific config
k3s No K3SSpec K3s specific config
rke2 No RKE2Spec RKE2 specific config
N.B. If a distribution spec is set it must match the provider field


Field Required Type Description
name Yes string Name of the opnicluster to link the LogAdapter to
namespace No string Name of the namespace the opnicluster is in. Defaults to default


Field Required Type Description
fluentbit No FluentbitSpec Uses Banzaicloud defaults with the image spec set to the Rancher logging images
fluentd No FluentdSpec Uses Banzaicloud defaults with the image spec set to the Rancher logging images, and a liveness probe configured


Field Required Type Description
logLevel No string Log level for the fluentbit aggregator. Defaults to info


Field Required Type Description
containerEngine No string Must be either systemd or openrc. Defaults to systemd
logPath No string For systemd this is the path to the journalctl log location. Defaults to /var/log/journal. For openrc this is the path to the service log file. Defaults to /var/log/k3s.log


Field Required Type Description
logPath No string This is the path to the journalctl log location. Defaults to /var/log/journal