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Opni requires a NATS cluster to enable communication between services. The deployment of a NATS cluster is configured by a subsection of the OpniCluster resource.


kind: OpniCluster
  name: example
  namespace: opni
    authMethod: nkey

Custom Resource Specs


Field Required Type Description
authMethod No string Must be either username or nkey. Defaults to nkey
replicas No int Number of NATS replicas to deploy (should be an odd number). Defaults to 3
username No string Username to use with the username auth method. If not set defaults to nats-user
passwordFrom No SecretKeySelector Secret key containing the password to use. If not set then a random password will be generated and used
nodeSelector No map NodeSelector for the cluster pods. If this exists it will override the globalNodeSelector
tolerations No Toleration array Tolerations for the cluster pods. These will be combined with the globalTolerations (if any)