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Advanced Installation


Opni requires Cert-Manager to run. Follow the official instructions to install Cert-Manager.

Clone the Opni repo

$ git clone
# Or by using the github CLI:
$ gh repo clone rancher/opni

Install the Opni operator

Run the following command to install the Opni operator with Kustomize:

$ kubectl create -k config/default

Wait for the operator to be ready

$ kubectl wait --timeout=300s --for=condition=available deploy/opni-controller-manager -n opni-system

Configure and install Opni components

Configure which Opni components will be installed by editing deploy/kustomization.yaml. This file specifies locations of other YAML files containing the required Opni deployment configuration, as well as example entries for optional features. Some optional features require additional configuration in separate files.

After configuration is complete, install them using Kustomize:

$ kubectl create -k deploy
After the components are installed, monitor pods running in the opni namespace and wait for them to be ready. This may take a few minutes. If GPU support is enabled, several GPU Operator pods will be running in the gpu-operator-resources namespace. It takes several minutes for the GPU operator to configure your cluster. Your container runtime will be restarted during this process, so it is normal to experience brief connectivity issues during this time.

See Cluster GPU Configuration for more details regarding GPU operator configuration.

To try out the experimental Opni Metric Anomaly Detection service, check Setup Grafana Dashboard for next steps.