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Basic Installation

1) Install Cert Manager

Cert Manager needs to be installed for the operator. This can be installed with the following command:

kubectl apply -f

2) Install prerequisites

Next the CRDs and RBAC need to be installed for the operator:

kubectl  apply -f
kubectl  apply -f

3) Install the operator

Next install the operator into the cluster:

kubectl  apply -f

4) Create the OpniCluster resource


The operator deployment should be ready before applying the OpniCluster, otherwise the admission webhook will fail.

Create the Opni cluster:

kubectl apply -f

To deploy the GPU Controller service edit the resource and set to be true. Make sure the cluster has been setup for GPU support.

If Rancher Logging is not installed then log shipping will need to be setup

More details about the OpniCluster custom resource can be found in the configuration page.