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Setup Grafana Dashboard for Metric Service

The Opni system supports an experimental version of metric anomaly detection service. To start get insights from it, its Grafana dashboard needs to be setup as follow:


The Opni Metric Service requires Prometheus and Grafana to run. Rancher users can simply enable Rancher monitoring to install Prometheus and Grafana.

Setup Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Grafana and log in. For a Rancher Monitoring user, the default username/password is admin/prom-operator. Otherwise, it is likely to be admin/admin.
  2. Add Elasticsearch as a Data Source, and fill in these fields with following values:
    URL: https://opni-es-client.opni.svc:9200
    Basic Auth: enable
    Skip TLS Verify: enable
    Basic Auth Details:
        User: admin
        Password: <opni-es-password>
    Index name: mymetrics
    Time field name: timestamp
    Version: 7.0+
    Then click Save & Test. The expected response should be Index OK. Time field name OK.
  3. Import dashboard and upload the json file grafana-dashboard.json in this repo.

A dashboard named MetricAnomaly should now be available.