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Opni - Multi-Cluster Observability with AIOps

Opni is an open-source software designed for multi-cluster and multi-tenant observability. Built on Kubernetes, Opni simplifies the process of creating and managing backends, agents, and data related to logging, monitoring, and tracing. With built-in AIOps, Opni allows users to swiftly detect anomalous activities in their data.

Opni Architecture

Opni Components

The three key elements of observability are logs, metrics, and traces. Observability backends and agents handle the collection and storage of this data. AIOps aids in understanding this observability data, and Opni encompasses all these components.

Observability backends receive and store various data types. Opni, designed with Kubernetes in mind, builds on popular open-source tools to serve as backends. Although these backends can be challenging to set up, Opni streamlines their creation and management.

Currently, you can create the following:

  • Opni Logging - enhances Opensearch for easy searching, visualization, and analysis of logs, traces, and Kubernetes events
  • Opni Monitoring - extends Cortex for multi-cluster, long-term storage of Prometheus metrics