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Uninstall Opni

Before uninstalling all capabilities should be removed from all clusters. This can be done by clicking an installed capability in the clusters screen and choosing to remove the capability.

Due to the presence of a Kubernetes finalizer, the Logging backend should be disabled before Opni is uninstalled in the central cluster. This can be done in the Opni Management UI by going to the Logging backends in the left hand navigation pane, and selecting Disable.

In the Rancher UI make sure the namespace the App is installed into is selected in the top dropdown box. Then navigate to Apps -> Installed Apps and select the installs you want to remove. Press the Delete button to remove the apps.

If you have been using persistent storage in your cluster you should check the PersistentVolumeClaims in the cluster and clean up any Opni related PVCs as these may not be automatically cleaned up.