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Opni Agent Installation


When upgrading agents from v0.7.x to v0.8.1 the existing keyrings will be deleted. To resolve this issue you will need to uninstall the existing capabilities without deleting the data, then delete and readd the agent. You can then enable the capability again and the data collection will continue.

There are two ways to install Opni agent. We recommend installation through the Rancher UI.

Opni provides GitHub charts repository that can be used with the Rancher UI. To add the charts go to Apps -> Repositories in the Rancher UI. Name the repository and select the 'Git repository containing Helm chart or cluster template definitions' option.

Enter the following git url:

And the following branch:


Once the repo has updated you should be able to find Opni in the list of charts.

Opni Charts

To install the Opni Agent fill in the three required fields:

Opni Agent

These can be obtained from the Opni Management UI. Under cluster select Add Cluster and in the following screen expand the Manual Install Information section

Add cluster

These fields map directly to the fields in the chart install UI.